What do we want in life?

Most people would say happiness!

But what is happiness? And why can’t we have it in spite of so much scientific progress, and even so many religious, spiritual and new-age revolutions?

Happiness is the state free of all worries, problems, diseases, old age and death. Happiness is eternal youth and immortality. Happiness is fulfillment of all one’s wishes and manifestation of all that one has in mind!

Do we have such happiness?

Looking at lives of people and state of affairs in this world, clearly no!

And what are we doing to attain such happiness?
Taking recourse of science, medicine, meditation, worship, astrology and what not! But are we really happy in spite of trying all these?


Well, if you have tried any of these you can try answering for yourself!

Are you truly happy?
If the answer is no, then why?

This is because of the paradox which is this world! We seek happiness outside, when the real source lies within us.

We are not just physical and mental beings! Besides the physical body and the mind, there exists in this human form a third element, the Supreme Self, in fact an element that is the basis of everything. We are linked to the body and things in the outside world by the mind, but due to the limitations of this very mind we are disunited with the third element.

Many in the past have talked about the presence of a supreme divine power within us, but none could specify what it exactly is and how we can link with it through some easy to follow way. The wisdom of knowing and uniting with the third element present within us has now come from the third element or Supreme Self through a chosen person and with it one can form this link in a very easy way.

What is this third element?

It is the essence of everything in existence. It is the creator and the creation. It is everything, and in it lies the key to true and lasting happiness.

What we call science, although existing from the very beginning, started to manifest its miracles as we see them, only when it was time! So there is a time for everything! Now after experiencing all wonders of material science, and realizing that even science cannot bring us lasting happiness, it is now time for us to know and get linked to the third element!

When the third element wishes to express itself, only then we come to know of its existence and the immense possibilities that lie hidden in it. Science or any other knowledge can never bestow happiness on mankind. But for the third element, it is child’s play!

We are very fortunate to be living in an age when the third element has finally started to manifest itself in its full potential! In fact, all this existence is the game of this third element. For ages, it plays in ignorance and when it finally wishes to, it manifests its true wisdom. Not just any ordinary knowledge but a wisdom capable of banishing all human worries, problems, diseases, old age and even death, and one capable of bestowing the fulfillment of all wishes and lasting peace and happiness on earth – a utopian dream projected by many, but actually manifested by none in reality!

As we step into this golden era where the wisdom of the third element shall rule this world ask yourself – Do you wish to be a part of it and truly wish to attain lasting happiness and peace? Truly by virtue of this power, the third element, happiness is just a step away!

Can we have lasting happiness in life?

Can we be totally free of stress, worries, diseases and ageing?

Can we fulfill all our wishes, desires and goals?

Can we live a life full of everlasting peace and joy?

The answer is YES!

While we have made so much scientific progress, but still we have not achieved these primary goals of human life.

And the reason is that we did not know the Right Way to achieve this.

This Right Way has now become known and is presented here for you to explore through the books and audios available on this website.

These books and the audios reveal the Secret Science of Supreme Truth or the Right Way that has been tested by thousands over the past few years; and by adopting it in their lives they have achieved freedom from worries, stress, sorrows, illnesses and even ageing. What’s more their unfulfilled wishes have been granted, leaving them utterly satisfied and contented in life.

That might leave you wondering how long it takes to get these benefits by the Right Way and if it is a very tough process!

To answer the latter question first, it is so easy that even a child can follow the Right Way and gain from it. As for the benefits, these could start in just four weeks. But in order to get complete results one has to continue following the Right Way in such a manner that it becomes a part of one’s daily life so that one could benefit from it lifelong. What’s more, it requires no extra time, no extra effort, no meditation, no ritual, nothing! You can follow the Right Way even while following your existing daily schedule, without in any way disturbing your set routine.

This secret science of Supreme Truth or the Right Way is being revealed for the first time ever in the books available here. If you really wish to fulfill all your wishes and goals, and attain a life full of joy, peace, perfect health and eternal youth, then the secret to it is now within your reach.

Truly happiness is just a step away!

Why could no one know the Right Way of attaining God?

The reason for this is that man cannot understand the Right Way of attaining God though written in the scriptures and it is the Supreme Himself who in time reveals the Right Way.

But how long does it take to attain God by the Right Way? And is it a very tough process?

Once Bulle Shah, the famous Sufi, asked his spiritual guide how long it takes to attain God. His spiritual guide was then working in a field. He uprooted a sapling, planted it in another place, and then replied –

"बुल्लेया, रब दा की पौना, ऐध्रो पुथना ते ओढ़र लगाना"

“O Bulle! What is there in the attainment of God? It is as easy as uprooting a sapling from one place and planting it in another place.”

It is a fact that attainment of God is that easy provided one knows the Right Way. It is practically seen that the Supreme Self or God is attained and seen in the form of Light with open eyes by the Right Way within a period of four weeks.

As we step into this golden era where the wisdom of the Supreme Self shall rule this world ask yourself – Do you wish to be a part of it and truly wish to attain lasting happiness and peace? Truly by virtue of this Right Way, the Supreme Self, happiness is just a step away!


Whenever anyone anywhere speaks about the Supreme Self, called God, it is the Supreme Himself who speaks and not that physical being.’

The same has been the case with all our Holy Books that speak about the Supreme Self and the Right Way. Knowledge of the Supreme Self written in the Gita, Ramayan, Granth Sahib, Bible and Koran was given by the Supreme Himself, not by any physical bodies. The words of Truth written in these scriptures are the words of the Supreme spoken through Prophets and Avatars.

It was the year 1975 when a man in his forties, seated at home suddenly had the vision of the Supreme Self in the form of Light that appeared before him, transmitted to him the understanding of all Holy Scriptures of the world and then merged into his heart. This was no ordinary man! Since early childhood, he had nurtured unmoving faith in…

- From You Are God

More can be known about the Supreme Truth or Right Way by listening to audios and videos available here on this website and on you tube. The more you understand the Right Way better shall be your progress and more shall be the benefits that you derive. For the moment these recordings are only in Hindi.

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I have been listening to the discourses on Truth delivered by Shihn Diljit for a number of years and had the good fortune of having the vision of the Supreme in form of Jyoti or Light. I feel that this book that reproduces the words of the discourses in printed form shall highly benefit seekers of Truth. Noble Foundation has done a wonderful job in publishing some discourses on Supreme Truth delivered by Shihn Diljit in the form of a book. This shall enable people already following Truth to better grasp the wisdom and also help new seekers to know about this amazing wisdom.

Dr. Vinod Khanna, MBBS, MD

I had read the Gita many times earlier, but was never satisfied by the interpretations of the verses and was also confused which interpretation is correct. Then I happened to lay my hands on You Are God; I read and reread it and was amazed by the clarity regarding Supreme Truth that it presents in such simple words. I feel it is the best book for getting to the real meaning of the wisdom conveyed to the world by Lord Shree Krishna. You Are God is an astounding exposition of the Bhagwat Gita from a very new angle. Its explanations get to the bottom of the wisdom granted by Lord Krishna and lays bare many secrets regarding God, soul, the right way to attainment of God and the purpose of human life. In my humble opinion, every person wishing for self realization should read it. Initially, I was overwhelmed by the detailed elucidation of the verses presented in You Are God. But as I kept reading and started to understand the new perspective of Truth, I was pleasantly amazed, and realized that this is the real essence of the words of Bhagwan Shree Krishna. A must read!

Anil Kukreja

The title Goodbye Death appeared too out of this world when I first picked up this book. But something compelled me to buy it and I was surprised by its contents. It is a path breaking work which gives a boost to the human dream of becoming immortal. One has to read it to realize how powerful it is. Goodbye Death brings to light the hidden science of immortality given in all major scriptures. Reading it is like going on a breathtaking journey that culminates in the hope that some day Supreme Truth shall sure show the way to immortal life. I have read it many times and each time I have discovered deeper meanings in its profound wisdom. I believe such a book has never been written before and for proof it relies on ancient scriptures that talk of everlasting life in the human form. For spiritual seekers it is a very amazing revelation!

Ravi Sinha

I got a chance of reading The White Lotus while editing it and was spellbound by its narrative. It presents the story of Lord Ram in a very different and new way with numerous new plots and twists which are simply mind blowing!

Kamakshi Sharma
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