The White Lotus (Downloadable E-Book)


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Ramayan through the vision of Truth

A singular work that reads more like a novel and takes you on a breathtaking adventure, besides sharing the wisdom of Supreme Truth that can grant all wishes and help one attain oneness with the Supreme Self.

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Generations have reveled in the tale of Lord Ram, and reading Ramayan is considered to be a very sacred ritual that brings one close to the third element or Supreme Self. Many versions of Ramayan exist today, but none dwells on the tale of Ram from the perspective of Supreme Truth.

The White Lotus, also available in Hindi by the name Shwet Padm, besides presenting a very thrilling twist to the tale of Ram and Sita, also focuses on the wisdom of Truth that enabled Ram to overcome the powerful Ravan. Most versions of Ramayan end with the coronation of Ram as the king of Ayodhya and just state that he ruled for eleven thousand years.

The White Lotus reveals for the first time what happened in those eleven thousand years and how Ram shared the wisdom of Supreme Truth and the right way to all his subjects, thus enabling them to link themselves with the Supreme Self, live completely free of worries, sorrows, disease, old age and death for thousands of years, and finally leave the earth with their bodies to travel to the World of Light and Truth, the Satlok.

The White Lotus is an exciting work for not just those who wish to read a marvelous adventure with many new plots and twists, but also for those who wish to gain the practical knowledge of Supreme Truth and the right way which can grant all one’s wishes and enable one to attain union with the third element or Supreme Self.


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