Goodbye Death


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This book is the key to wisdom of Truth given in holy books like Gita, Granth Saheb, Bible, Ramayan, etc and explains how death can be overcome by following the wisdom of the Supreme Self contained in these scriptures.

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Goodbye Death reveals a new understanding of the sacred texts, the books that mankind has been studying through the centuries. This understanding has been given by God Himself through a chosen person–Kanwar Daljit Singh Shihn, who always looked upon the scripture as his guru. According to Daljit, God alone knew the truth that was hidden in His words in these scriptures. That is why until God revealed this truth, no one, not even the saints, sages and other holy men and women, could understand it by repeatedly reading them.

An excerpt from the understanding that came from God during a discourse:
‘All who say that death is imperative, that everyone has to die, are asking for death. Throughout life, when you kept asking for death, or accepted that you were going to die, God fulfilled your wish and gave you death. No one said to God, “I have accepted Your word that
I can live and that I will not die. Now it is for You to see how this happens. You have said that I will not die, so I will not die.” But you never asked God for life, you always asked for death. Even if you say that death has to come, accept it to see what happens. Will it increase your loss or will you die twice? So why don’t you take a chance and accept the word of God when He clearly states that man
can live forever?’
Indeed, we are all meant to live forever and this book shows you how.


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