‘Whenever anyone anywhere speaks about the Supreme Self, called God, it is the Supreme Himself who speaks and not that physical being.’

The same has been the case with all our Holy Books. Knowledge of the Supreme Self written in the Gita, Ramayan, Granth Sahib, Bible and Koran was given by the Supreme Himself, not by any physical bodies. The words of Truth written in these scriptures are the words of the Supreme spoken through Prophets and Avatars.

It was the year 1975 when a man in his forties, seated at home suddenly had the vision of the Supreme Self in the form of Light that appeared before him, transmitted to him the understanding of all Holy Scriptures of the world and then merged into his heart. This was no ordinary man! Since early childhood, he had nurtured unmoving faith in Granth Sahib, when one day his mother told him that the Guru Granth Sahib at their home was the real Guru, spiritual master. This simple statement entered deep into the boy’s heart and he developed full faith that the Guru was in his home and when the Guru felt it right He would grant him wisdom. For years to come, he remained firm in this faith and no persuasion from anyone could compel him to go and seek wisdom from any other source, human or otherwise. His faith bore fruit and after the light of Truth merged into his heart, he set down to study all Holy Scriptures of the world from the perspective of the new understanding he had gained.

Over time, this person, Shihn Diljit, became convinced that this was the true understanding of the Supreme Self, the God within us that was already written in the scriptures and that had descended into his form. He realized that it held the key to banishment of all problems of human life, namely worries, diseases, ageing and even death! This conviction led him to start interacting with people and delivering discourses on Supreme Truth during which he always invariably said that these were not his words, rather the words coming straight from the Supreme Self in his heart. His recorded discourses are today available in Hindi language and work is afoot to transcribe the same and translate them into English for the benefit of mankind. Thousands have benefited from the understanding of Supreme Truth revealed in these discourses and are presently leading happy, contented life free of diseases and worries.

With a view to introduce more and more people to the wisdom of the Supreme Self or the third element over the years several books have been written, the author of which is none else than the Supreme Himself for this is His wisdom! Still speaking from the worldly angle, authorship has been attributed to certain physical beings through whom these books have become available.

Shashi Verma

A chartered accountant by profession, Shashi Verma came to know about the wisdom of God also called Supreme Truth at the age of 45 from Shihn Diljit. He devotedly put the understanding into practice in day to day life, even while continuing his profession as a chartered accountant; and having benefited immensely from it in terms of good health and riddance from worries, with a firm conviction that this is true understanding he embarked on the mission of presenting the words of our scriptures from the perspective of Supreme Truth. With the sole aim of introducing the world to the wisdom of the Supreme Self through seminars, books and the internet, Shashi Verma launched the organization Noble Foundation.

First he felt inspired to delve into the Bhagwad Gita and try to bring out its essence in terms of the Supreme Truth. The result was the book You are God (available both in Hindi and English) which explains each and every verse of Bhagwad Gita from the angle of Supreme Truth. Next, he was inspired to take up the project of clarifying to the world that physical death can be prevented by taking to the true understanding of the wisdom of God given in the scriptures. The result was the book Goodbye Death which clarifies how death can be overcome by adoption of Supreme Truth in one’s daily life and linking oneself with the Supreme Self. Next, he conceptualized the book Kaise Chinta, Rog, Dukh Aur Budhape Se Mukt Ho (How to get rid of worries, diseases, sorrow and old age) based on the discourses on Supreme Truth delivered in Hindi by the Supreme Self through Shihn Diljit. All these books are published by Noble Foundation.


Shwetarvind is the pseudonym of the person who got inspired to write The White Lotus in English and Shwet Padm in Hindi. Besides presenting the story of Ram and Sita in a new way, these books also reveal how Ram and Sita adopted Truth in their lives, linked their selves with Supreme Self and overcame the various challenges thrown at them, and how they shared wisdom of the Supreme Self with the people of their kingdom. This person got a chance to listen to the discourses on Supreme Truth by Shihn Diljit during his contract as consultant editor in which capacity he assisted Shashi Verma in the writing of ‘You Are God’. Over the years, he himself adopted the science of Supreme Truth in his life and having himself united with Supreme Self realized its benefits, felt inspired to present the tale of Ram and Sita through the vision of Truth. He believes that writing of these two books would not have been possible without inspiration from the Supreme Self. On the professional front, he has been writing biographies and novels for more than three decades now and hopes to be further inspired to write other books on Supreme Truth.

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