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The secret essence of Bhagwad Gita and the Supreme Self gets revealed for the first time ever in this unique work that also reveals the secret science of immortality based on Supreme Truth and promises a peaceful and joyful life free from all travails.

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This book, in both Hindi and English, presents to the readers the wisdom of Bhagavat Gita in the light of Supreme Truth granted in this age by the Supreme Self. Thousands of commentaries on Gita exist today based on individual understanding of the commentators. But You Are God makes Supreme Truth revealed by the Supreme Self as its basis and brings out the real intended meaning of its various chapters and verses.

Millions of people have read these words of Lord Krishna over the years. Yet, no one could understand their essence or follow them by putting them into practice. Man does not know that he will never be able to unite with the third element or Supreme Self without accepting and following the words of the Supreme, even if he keeps bowing before images and idols for thousands of births. Just like a worldly father, the third element or Supreme Father too will not be pleased by a son who keeps bowing before Him but does not listen to Him or act as per His advice. The Supreme Self has stated the Supreme Truth in the Gita and other scriptures by clearly saying that He is Karta Purukh or the doer of everything in as much as that even a leaf does not move without His will.

You Are God explains Supreme Truth as under-

There is no difference between the person who is united to the Supreme Self by Yog or the right way and the person who is not united. Both perform the same kinds of actions in their lives. Both enjoy the pleasures of life and sense objects. However, there is a difference between thoughts of the two. The person not engaged in Yog does not think according to the Supreme Truth revealed by the Supreme Self nor does he follow the right way in life. As against this, the person united to the Supreme Self by the right way ever dwells in Supreme Truth that frees him from all pains and afflictions.’

We could not understand the Supreme Truth or the right way. Such errors in understanding have kept us distanced from the essence of Gita, and You Are God for the first time reveals the true essence of Gita and its practice by the right way that can lead to Yog or union with the Supreme Self. Written in a very easy language, it can be easily understood by even a child. Beautifully printed in a coffee table edition it is a treasure for every household.


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1 review for You Are God

  1. Anil Kukreja

    I had read the Gita many times earlier, but was never satisfied by the interpretations of the verses and was also confused which interpretation is correct. Then I happened to lay my hands on You Are God; I read and reread it and was amazed by the clarity regarding Supreme Truth that it presents in such simple words. I feel it is the best book for getting to the real meaning of the wisdom conveyed to the world by Lord Shree Krishna.
    You Are God is an astounding exposition of the Bhagwat Gita from a very new angle. Its explanations get to the bottom of the wisdom granted by Lord Krishna and lays bare many secrets regarding God, soul, the right way to attainment of God and the purpose of human life. In my humble opinion, every person wishing for self realization should read it.
    Initially, I was overwhelmed by the detailed elucidation of the verses presented in You Are God. But as I kept reading and started to understand the new perspective of Truth, I was pleasantly amazed, and realized that this is the real essence of the words of Bhagwan Shree Krishna. A must read!
    – Anil Kukreja

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