Know about the Supreme Self

Where is the Supreme Self and what is its form?

The Supreme Self resides in the heart of every being and it is in the form of Divine Light and Sound.

How can we access the Supreme Self?

We can access the Supreme Self when we unite with it in the heart by our thoughts. When we think like the Supreme Self as per its wisdom given in the Scriptures we become united with it.

Why could we not access the Supreme Self till now?

The thoughts by which one can unite with the Supreme Self were known only to the Supreme Self that has created everything. It is the Supreme Self itself that reveals this wisdom when it is time to change the Yuga or Age. Till now the real understanding of this wisdom was not known to anyone. This knowledge has since come from the Supreme Self through a chosen person who has shared it with others.

Is it a very tough process?

Uniting with the Supreme Self in the heart is very easy provided one knows the right thoughts that can unite one with the Supreme Self and practice them in daily life.

How long does it take to unite with the Supreme Self?

It takes only four to five weeks to unite with the Supreme Self by the practice of thoughts of the Supreme Self. A person comes to know that he is united with the Supreme Self when he starts seeing the Supreme Self in the form of Divine Light with his open eyes.

Have any people attained access to the Supreme Self?

Over the years since the revelation of the wisdom of Supreme Self and the right way of its practice, thousands of persons have attained access to the Supreme Self in just four to five weeks by following this wisdom.

How have people benefitted from the Supreme Power or the third element?

The people who had the vision of the Supreme Self in form of Divine Light have been deriving many benefits like riddance from various problems of life, and freedom from stress, worries, pain, suffering, ailments and discontentment. They have also witnessed their wishes being fulfilled and lasting happiness and peace descend into their lives.

What changes do we have to bring in our lives to follow the right way?

The right way to gain access to the Supreme Self is very easy to follow and does not require one to bring any change in one’s life style and actions or habits or one’s daily schedule. All one has to do is bring about a subtle change in one’s thoughts through the practice of Supreme Truth by the right way.

Do I further need to practice by the right way once I have access to the Supreme Self or the third element?

The access to the Supreme Self is attained by the right way within a period of four to five weeks. But that is just the beginning, not the end! Supreme Self or the third element is endless, for the entire universe consisting of numerous suns, stars and earths is the creation of supreme Self or the third element. To gain more and more access to this endless power, one needs to develop greater understanding of the third element by knowing more about it as explained in the books published by Noble Foundation available here on this website. The understanding of Supreme Self or the third element can be still further enhanced by listening to audio recordings of elucidations of Truth, which are available only in Hindi presently. Samples of some recordings are available here, while for more recordings you could contact us. Click here if you wish to embark on the most adventurous and fulfilling journey of human life on earth vis-â-vis attainment of access to the Supreme Self or the third element within you.
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