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Happiness is just a step away!

The whole world is confused about worshipping the gods and goddesses and worshipping the Supreme God. People think that these are one and the same, and hence, they believe they can attain the Supreme God by worshipping various gods and goddesses. But Supreme God has clearly stated in verses 7:23 and 9:25 of the Gita that those who worship gods go to the gods and those who worship Me (Supreme God) come to Me.

Man can free himself from worries, diseases, sorrows, old age, etc and attain real happiness not by worshipping gods and goddesses, but by worshipping the Supreme God. In the Gita, Supreme God has laid down the way of worshipping Him, but man has not understood the words of God, and hence, he continues to worship gods and goddesses, and not the Supreme God who has created everything and pervades all.

Revealing the way of worshipping the Supreme God, verses 45 and 46, Chapter 18 of the Bhagwad Gita say –

Devoted to his own respective actions, each man attains perfection. How each man engaged in his own actions, attains perfection, that do thou hear! He from whom all beings emerge and by whom all this is pervaded by worshipping Him with one’s actions, does man attain to perfection.

Supreme God who has created everything is a formless power that also pervades the entire creation. Just like everything else, it creates each and every human body and lives in that body as life. All actions from each and every body are actions of the Supreme God; they are neither of the body nor of the beings. We, the beings, are only consciousness in the body that becomes aware of the actions and the resultant fruits of actions. However, due to delusion created by the ego, we think that we are performing the actions.

Highlighting this fact, verse 27 of chapter 3 of Gita says – ‘All actions are performed by the Gunas of Prakriti (attributes of nature); he who is deluded by the ego thinks, ‘I am the doer.’

This thinking that we are the doer is the only cause of all our worries, diseases, sorrows and ageing of the body. When the body becomes weak and old, life or Supreme God leaves the body to form and live in a new body. This process of changing bodies by the Supreme God has been going on since beginning and it will stop only when we accept the words of God and change our thinking; when we acknowledge that we are not the doer, but the actions from the body are performed by Nature/God.

Chapter 5 verses 8 and 9 of the Gita say –

He who is united and knows the Truth thus thinks, ‘I do nothing at all and in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, walking, sleeping, breathing, speaking, releasing, seizing, opening and closing the eyes, believes that only the senses are moving among the objects of senses.

Truth is that all actions from our bodies, whether considered good or bad and whether they are acts of worship, penance, devotion or charity, are performed by the Supreme God or life energy in the body. When we think that we are the doer, we disunite from Truth or Supreme God and become united with untruth that becomes the cause of our all our worries, diseases, ageing, death and rebirth in a new body. However, when during actions, we think that actions are being performed by Nature or God, we become united with Supreme God who starts freeing us from the worries, diseases and ageing. On attaining perfection, we will be completely freed from all these and attain immortality.

This thought process of linking oneself to the Supreme within during actions is called Karm Yog. This is clearly stated in verse 28 of chapter 9:

Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever charity you do, whatever austerity you observe, O son of Kunti, offer all that to Me.

The most wonderful aspect of Karm Yog is that in its practice one does not have to engage in any separate actions like meditation, worship etc to unite with the Supreme. That is why verses 45 and 46 of chapter 18 of the Gita ask us to worship the Supreme by our actions. The Supreme has to be worshipped by offering of one’s actions to the Supreme while performing the actions. All one has to do is to constantly devote each action taking place from one’s body to the Supreme within. That is, while eating one has to say in the heart, not aloud, that God is eating. While walking one has to say God is walking. While working one has to say God is working. This has to be done at the time of performing each action like cooking, eating, drinking, cleaning, sleeping, waking, walking, working, driving etc. Even when one has some thoughts, one has to say God is thinking, God is worrying, God is wishing, God is planning and so on. Then, while speaking too one should say God is speaking.

While Gita has called this as Karm Yog, Ramayan calls this as the devotion by mind, speech and action (man, vachan aur karm ki bhakti). This system of Karm Yog and the connected wisdom of God has been elucidated in the books – The White Lotus, Shwet Padam and Kaise Chinta Rog Dukh Aur Budhape Se Mukt Ho – recently published by Noble Foundation. While The White Lotus and Shwet Padam present the wisdom of Karm Yog along with a new adventurous perspective of the tale of Sita and Ram, Kaise Chinta Rog Dukh Aur Budhape Se Mukt Ho consists of a very detailed elucidation of Supreme Truth and Karm Yog in very simple words. Noble Foundation’s previously published two books – You Are God, a commentary on the Gita in both Hindi and English; and Goodbye Death, a book based on all Holy Scriptures – elucidate how man can free himself from death and live forever by following the supreme wisdom of God.

A marvelous feature of Karm Yog is that in just four weeks of practice, one is able to attain and see the supreme energy or God in the form of glowing light with open eyes. Any person regardless of the faith he or she professes, or the religion he or she follows can benefit from Karm Yog, which is not a worldly devotion, but a proven science by which all travails of human life can be ended. This science, though already written in the scriptures has been revealed in the present times, for we are on the threshold of the new golden age of Satyug, or the age of Truth, where majority of beings shall live for hundreds of years, completely free from worries, diseases and old age. And for that to happen, one shall have to follow the knowledge of Truth, of which Karm Yog forms the practical side.

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