Benefits of linking with the Supreme Self

You might wonder why we should form link with the Supreme Self. You will be amazed to know that the whole world including spiritual masters and gurus do not know much about it. Lack of true knowledge of the supreme self has led to many misconceptions. In Truth, the Supreme Self is frequently referred to as God and God is not any person seated up there in the clouds or in heaven who can answer your prayers.

God is a state of being like that of Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Lord Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak and Prophet Mohammad. They had also taken birth as ordinary human beings but later on attained the state of God by the knowledge of Supreme Self. They shared this knowledge with the world that became our Holy Scriptures.

Every human can raise himself from the human state to the state of God by the knowledge of the Supreme Self also called Truth. While the human state is afflicted with worries, tension, problems, ailments, sorrows, old age and death, the state called God is free from all these. In the state of God, the mind is ever peaceful and joyful, there is no disease or physical shortcoming, and the physical form remains ever ageless and even deathless. Eternal youth and life are the highest gifts of this exalted state of existence called God. So actually, the attainment of Supreme Self means attainment of this highest state.

The spiritual masters of the world often say that one has to take many births to succeed in attaining God. This is because they do not know that God can be attained by following the right way in a very short time, which marks the beginning of transformation from the human state to the state of God. The state of God has then to be enhanced by continuing to follow the Right Way.

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