Karm Yog –True Way to the state of God

Karm Yog is the True Way by which one can attain God and have God’s vision in His Light form in just four weeks. Karm Yog is a secret wisdom that has to be practiced in the heart during your daily life. For this, you do not have to devote separate time or do anything special. Whatever actions you do in the day, you have to devote them to God in your mind. This has been stated in Verse 46 of Chapter 18 of the Gita that while remaining devoted to his own respective actions man will attain perfection or the state of God by worshipping the Supreme with his actions.
Karm Yog or union with God through actions has to be done within one’s heart through thoughts based on Truth and God’s commands revealed in the scriptures. The Gita says-
All actions are performed by the Gunas of Prakriti [attributes of Nature]; he who is deluded by the ego thinks, ‘I am the doer.’
Chapter 3:27
He who is united and knows the Truth thus thinks, ‘I do nothing at all’ and in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, walking, sleeping, breathing, speaking, releasing, seizing, opening and closing the eyes, believes that only the senses are moving among the objects of senses.
Chapter 5:8-9
The practice of Karm Yog starts in the morning when you wake up. Everyone wakes up with the thought, ‘I have woken up!’ In Karm Yog, you have to say once in your heart, ‘God, you have woken up’ or ‘God has woken up’. This has to be addressed to the God or Supreme residing in one’s heart. When you drink tea or coffee, say it once in your heart, ‘God, you are drinking tea/coffee’ or ‘God is drinking tea/coffee’. Even when preparing tea/coffee, say it once in the heart, ‘God, you are making tea/coffee’ or ‘God is making tea/coffee’. If you go for a morning walk, then say once within, ‘God, you are walking’ or ‘God is walking.’
You have to say this during every action, while brushing the teeth, exercising, having a bath, cooking, eating, driving, working, playing, reading, writing, watching TV or listening to some song etc. And when you are going to bed at night, then too say, ‘God, you are going to sleep’ or ‘God is going to sleep.’
Ego or the feeling of ‘I’ is the lower nature of God. The feeling of ‘I’ deludes God/human being and he starts to consider himself separate from God. Hence, while devoting the actions to God, a person should now and then also say in the mind, ‘This is God, not I, and God is performing all actions.’
The person who starts the practice of Karm Yog should devote not just the actions of the body and senses to God, he should also devote the actions of mind to God, that is, one’s thoughts.
Thoughts keep rising constantly in the mind and we cannot stop them even if we so wish. In fact, this thinking is not ours. We just become aware of the thoughts once they have risen within. If we were thinking or if the thoughts were ours, we would have the power to stop them. But we are not able to do so because these thoughts are not ours, rather they keep rising on their own from the worldly knowledge present within that is Maya or half portion of God. Hence, whenever we become aware of some thoughts, we have to say, ‘God, you are thinking’ or ‘These thoughts are of God’.
While half portion of God is Truth that performs all actions, His other half portion is untruth or Maya that gives rise to worldly thoughts.
When a person becomes firm in the practice of Karm Yog, then he becomes freed of all thoughts and attains to inner peace. But till this happens, he should keep devoting both thoughts and actions to God.
Similarly, if some wish comes into the mind, say it within, ‘God, this wish is yours’ or ‘This wish is of God’. When you are angry, say within, ‘God this anger is yours’ or ‘God is being angry’. And when Ahamkar or the thought of ‘myness’ arises within the mind say, ‘This Ahamkar or the thought of myness is of God’. When some thought of doing something arises, say, ‘God is the doer of all actions and he is thinking of doing this.’
If someone regularly does some worship or Yagya etc, then what should one do? The path of Truth does not stop one from any action, neither does it say that one should do this or one should not do that, because all actions are of God. So, if you perform chanting, penance, worship, Yagya or you sing hymns, then do it with the thought that God does everything and He is doing this too. In this context, the Gita says –
The acts of sacrifice, charity and austerity are not to be relinquished, but should be performed; for sacrifice, charity and austerity are indeed purifiers of the wise. But even these actions should be performed relinquishing attachment and fruit. This, O Arjun, is My firm and final view.
Gita Chapter 18:5-6
So, while doing any sacrifice, penance etc, say within, ‘God, you are doing this sacrifice or penance.’ While giving charity, say within, ‘God you are giving charity.’ While praying or worshipping, say, ‘God is praying/worshipping.’ While serving others, say, ‘God is serving!’
Disease, pain, suffering, worries and problems are all fruits of Karma and these too should be devoted to God. When you experience some ailment, pain, sorrow, worry or problem, then say within, ‘This ailment is of God’ or ‘This pain is being experienced by God’. If you take some medicine for some ailment, then while taking the medicine say, ‘God, you are taking this medicine’ or ‘God is taking medicine’. When some problem, tension, suffering or worry bothers you, say in the mind, ‘God this problem, tension, suffering or worry is yours.’
Not just this, when you are happy or joyous, say it in the mind, ‘God, you are happy or you are joyous.’
In other words, during every action, every thought, every spoken word, every experience, say it in the mind, ‘God, this is yours.’ The more you link your mind to God in your life, more you shall get closer to God.
All our actions are the means to unite with God or Truth. Every moment in life, we are engaged in some action, and these very actions provide us with a chance to practice Karm Yog and unite with God. But as the mind is caught in some thought or the other, we might forget to say that God is doing this. Do not worry! It is enough to devote an action to God whenever you remember to do so. It has been practically seen that one who keeps practicing Karm Yog and keeps devoting actions to God is able to have the vision of God in the form of light in four to five weeks. The Light of God appears in his heart and he is able to see it with open eyes whenever he so wishes.
Vision of God
Once you have been into this practice for four to five weeks, sit peacefully in some quiet room. Focus your gaze on some picture hanging on a wall or some person seated against a wall. Keep gazing with the thought of seeing God. Soon, you shall be able to see light around that picture or that person’s head. This is God in the form of light which has developed in your heart by the practice of Karm Yog. In the beginning, the light shall appear faint, but with further practice, that is, as you continue to devote your actions and their results to God, you shall see that the expanse of the light and its intensity is increasing. Upon seeing this light, you shall experience that your worries and tension are abating.
Listening to the Divine Sound
The scriptures speak of yet another spiritual form of God that is a divine music called Naad, Logos or Anhad Shabd. This divine music is present in this very light of God, but one might take some more time in being able to listen to it. Usually one is able to listen to this divine sound within sixty days of seeing the light. But some people might take more time.
This divine sound is resonating everywhere, right from the time of creation. In fact, this sound is the creator of everything. Our bodies too are built by this divine sound, while the sacred light grants life to them.
This sound is a subtle, constant, intense vibration. For listening to it, sixty days after seeing the light of God, sit in a peaceful place with the thought that God is in the heart. Then concentrate on the spot between your two eyebrows and try to listen. In the beginning, the intensity and the duration of the sound are less, but with time both start to increase, and then a time comes when one could listen to it all day long, even while being engaged in some task.
Listening to discourses of Truth
Whereas Karm Yog enables one to see the light of God and hear the Supreme in the form of Naad, listening to recorded discourses of Truth enables one to attain totality and higher levels in Truth. So it is equally important. The reason for this is that the discourses reveal deeper secrets about Truth, and more secrets one knows more one’s spiritual status in Truth gets enhanced. In this context, Granth Saheb says –
Suniya Maniya Man Keetaa Bhaav, Antargat Teerth Mal Naao
When a human being accepts the secrets of Truth in his heart while listening to the discourses of Truth, then the words of Truth get transformed into Light of God in the heart.
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